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Trackpad Gestures for Brydge iPad Keyboards

Easily switch between apps, access the app switcher and activate the Dock, Control Center and apps in Slide Over.


AssistiveTouch settings must be off for gestures to work properly.

To do this, go to iPad Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch > OFF



Open Today View
Use two fingers to swipe right.

Switch between open apps
Swipe left or right with three fingers.

Zoom in and out
Pinch open to zoom in, or pinch closed to zoom out.

Open the App Switcher
Swipe up with three fingers, pausing before you lift your fingers.

Scroll Up or Down
Swipe two fingers up or down.

Scroll Left or Right
Swipe two fingers left or right.

Go Home
Use one finger to swipe the pointer past the bottom of the screen.

Open Control Center
Use one finger to swipe to the top right corner.

Open Search
Swipe down with two fingers.

See the gestures in action