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December 05, 2022

Getting Covid sucks and I don’t recommend it for anyone as an excuse to work from home but, if you have to work from home you should choose your work devices carefully. If you do end up having to work from home with a surface pro 8, here are some reasons why I recommend using a Brydge surface keyboard

1. Mobility

When you get sick, you are at home a lot of the time but, you also have personal appointments, doctor visits and basically have to work from anywhere, anytime. The Secure Connect Technology on the Brydge SP MAX+ Keyboard, allows you to turn your Surface Pro 8 into a laptop that you can work from anywhere. This is the best scenario if you are a tech worker, content creator or just mobile in your job role as you can then connect from virtually anywhere in the world. If this busy lifestyle sounds like your life than you too will want to check out what Brydge is developing for the next generation of surface keyboards.

Tablets alone can be a little challenging to work on without a keyboard so the ability to type faster saves on time and increases efficiency. Living in Utah also allows us to have some amazing outdoor working opportunities as well so being able to work almost anywhere is a huge plus! Dice.com states that, up to 42% out of 58,958 respondents worldwide were fully remote workers. This means that there is a huge opportunity for remote workers to upgrade their technology and at the same time their efficiency.

2. Functionality

During my time working from home with Covid, I found it difficult to keep up with all my tech devices, organization and time management. Luckily, with the precision touchpad it is sensitive enough to allow a person to quickly maneuver on your surface pro 8 keyboard at the slightest touch. This feature helps turns your tablet into a laptop in seconds! 

Have you ever had a last-second change on a project you had to knock out in bed in the middle of the night? Well, I have and I can say that the backlit keys help you to see even in dark conditions. The 130 Degree viewing angle also helps to see the screen while laying down in a comfortable position with the keyboard.

3. Protection

Let's talk about protecting your surface pro 8. MIL-STD-810H is a well-known high quality military standard with wide usage and acceptance across the globe for various products. Usually reserved for products trying to appeal specifically in a government application to be more durable and withstand the extreme needs of our armed forces. This standard helps protect your surface pro 8 even from say an accidental 4 foot drop! This is useful as many people have kids at home that like to use your surface pro for things like streaming or games. You can protect your investment while improving your productivity with our Brydge SP MAX+ Keyboard today.


The interesting part about the lockdown has been the development of tons of anti bacterial products being produced on the market today. This is another great reason I chose to work on a Brydge SP MAX+ Keyboard is the antimicrobial protection built in to our keyboard. This helps me to worry less about sanitation on my surface pro 8 and more time working on online marketing needs. 

In the end, we hope you pick one of our surface keyboards that are the most useful for your purposes.